Meghan Trainor knows the sex of her baby: “I’m prepared this time”


Meghan Trainor recently announced she’s expecting baby #2 with husband Daryl Sabara, and the singer already knows the baby’s gender and has picked a name.

“Everything’s done,” she told People. “We know the gender. We know the name. We know the full name … I’ve already painted the room. I’m prepared this time.” 

Meghan said her little one, 1-year-old Riley, taught her the valuable lesson of going in prepared. She explained, “I never had a game plan with Riley, and then he was breeched at the end, so I didn’t have a choice. But this one, I do have a choice so far, or my doctor’s like, ‘What are you thinking?’ And I’m like, ‘I got no idea. I’ve got no idea.'”

“My brother’s like, ‘Push this one out, see what happens.’ I was like, ‘I just know what C-sections are now,'” she continued. Meghan joked she is comfortable with that type of birthing experience, adding, “I’ve done that. I know I can survive that.”

There are two scenarios Meghan wants to avoid. “My worst nightmare is that I push or I am in labor for two days straight and then I do an emergency C-section,” she said. “Both options are not fun. So I’m back and forth every day, but my doctor’s like, ‘We have time.'”

Meghan also told the outlet she knew she was pregnant before taking a test because of the intensity of her food cravings. “This pregnancy, I’m hungry to the point where I was like, ‘Is it twins?’ But it’s not twins, sadly. I wanted twins,” she remarked.

She noted her husband is a twin and, while she’s hoped for twin babies, Sabara told her, “‘We’re not going to do that. We’re not going to.'”

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