Fans outraged Aaron Carter was omitted from “In Memoriam” tribute at the Grammys

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

What otherwise would have been a somber moment for music lovers turned into outrage for Aaron Carter fans. The singer was absent from the Grammy Awards’ “In Memoriam” tribute on Sunday.

Aaron’s photo was absent from the televised video montage, which saw singers like Sheryl CrowQuavo and Kacey Musgraves performing tributes for the singers who passed away over the past year. 

“That was cold,” one fan wrote after noticing the omission, while another said it was despicable to not honor the late singer. Most fans felt Aaron deserved recognition for his impact on the music industry and the price they felt he paid for growing up in the public eye.

Aaron’s fiancée, Melanie Martin, told TMZ she is confused and doesn’t understand why he was left out of the televised tribute. She likened the omission to a slap in the face to his legacy and those who supported it. Martin, like many fans, hopes the Recording Academy offers an apology. 

Nick Carter, Aaron’s brother, has not publicly reacted to the controversy.

It should be noted the Grammys did pass around a printed program at the ceremony, and People confirms Aaron’s name was listed under the tribute section.

Aaron was found dead in his California home on November 5 at the age of 34.

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