Shania Twain is open to collaborating with Harry Styles: “That would be awesome”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AB

Shania Twain doesn’t want to double dip when it comes to Harry Styles, but she says she’d love to sing with him again.

Harry famously performed with Shania during his Coachella set last year and, of course, their fans are hoping to see the two collab. She told Entertainment Tonight she doesn’t want to be “greedy” when it comes to performing with Harry because she “was lucky enough to already do that.”

But, if she was able to get a second chance, Shania revealed what song she would love to duet with him. “I do have a dream. I do love his song ‘Falling.’ So if I did that, a duet with him on that, that would be awesome,” she said.

While promoting her new album, Queen of Me, in an interview with E! News, she spoke of other pop icons she loves, like Cher and Madonna.

Speaking of Cher, the country icon proclaimed, “She is the most diverse artist ever … She’s great at everything she does.” Shania added she’s been a fan of the legend since she was a tot and loved “watching her go through all these evolutions in her life.”

Shania is also “a big fan” of Madonna and said, “I always thought her vision of aesthetics were incredible.”

The singer also loves Rihanna, who is set to rock this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. “I just really believe that her voice is one of the most soulful voices,” Shania said. “She’s got some depth that is mysterious.”

Queen of Me, Shania’s sixth studio album, is available now.

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