Pink reveals she sang with Kelly Clarkson for an hour for Monday’s episode of ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’


Pink will be Monday’s guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show and revealed the episode will delight a lot of fans. Why? They’re going to sing together.

Pink shared a teaser of the upcoming episode and captioned it, “I [heart] @kellyclarkson and had so much fun singing with her for an hour of Songs & Stories on @kellyclarksonshow.” 

Based on several other clips posted on the show’s YouTube, it appears Pink will go over her music catalog with Kelly and explain the meaning behind some of her greatest songs. Not only that, the two will also perform them together.

One clip has Pink reflecting on her 2017 song “What About Us” and what she was thinking when she wrote it. The singer recalled thinking, “We’re not listening to each other right now and it’s so loud and so gross and angry. And people are being forgotten. And people are being counted out and their rights are being trampled on just because a group of people doesn’t believe in them.”

Pink added she didn’t understand “how so many people in this world are discounted because one group of people decided they don’t like that.”

“I won’t have it,” she added of the song’s significance, which is her raising her voice to make a positive difference. “One person can change a lot.”

Pink revealed in another teaser what was going through her mind when she created her new album, TRUSTFALL. She spoke about how she felt the world was ending because of the pandemic and other heartaches, so she decided, “If we are sliding sideways off the axis, let’s dance.”

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