Is Madonna giving us a peek at her Celebration Tour set list?

Courtesy Live Nation

Madonna polled her fans on what songs they most want to hear her perform on her upcoming Celebration Tour — or, as she put it, “Think of me as your waitress….. What songs would you like on the menu?” And it looks like she’s giving us a peek into her appetizers and main course.

On her Instagram Story, Madonna is seen writing down the titles of some of her most beloved hits, as well as some songs that weren’t singles but are fan favorites. They include “Rescue Me,” “Like a Prayer,” “Physical Attraction,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Bad Girl,” “Human Nature,” “Crazy for You,” “Lucky Star” and “Erotica.”

Whether or not Madonna actually performs these songs is anybody’s guess. According to Setlist.FM, “Like a Prayer,” “Human Nature” and “Papa Don’t Preach” are among her top 10 most-performed songs, so those may be a safe bet. Then again, Madonna doesn’t like to repeat herself.

Madonna’s Celebration Tour kicks off July 15 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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