On podcast, Dave Coulier shares personal voicemail from ‘Full House’ pal Bob Saget

Leon Bennett/WireImage

On the latest installment of his Full House Rewind podcast, Dave Coulier welcomed Kelly Rizzo, the widow of Coulier’s friend and former co-star Bob Saget, and shared a very personal message from the comedian and actor.

Saget died in his Florida hotel room on January 9, 2022. The cause of death for the 65-year-old was determined to be head trauma.

Coulier and Rizzo rewound fans to the 17th episode of Full House, which originally aired on ABC in February of 1988, but they also shared memories of Saget. “We were three brothers,” Coulier said of himself, Saget and their co-star John Stamos, explaining that like brothers, they’d fight on occasion but had much love for each other.

Kelly offered, “When I started dating him [I realized] ‘Oh my God, the Full House cast … they’re all still best friends and still love each other!?’ It was such a surreal thing!”

Coulier expressed that the episode they talked about, which dealt with Saget’s character moving on after his wife’s death, prompted him to ask how Kelly and Bob’s daughters were moving on themselves. “It’s so great that you have that relationship with Lara and Aubrey and Jenny,” he said.

Rizzo called them “angels,” saying their continued love and support is “the thing in life that I’m most grateful for.”

Coulier closed the ‘cast by passing along an “audio hug” from Saget — an emotional voicemail he left him after Coulier’s brother Danny died by suicide in 2021 — in hopes people would “pass along the same kind of compassion.”

Saget, audibly crying, says in part, “I’m so sorry … I’m here 24/7. Just call me anytime. Doesn’t have to be now, can be a week. Whenever, I can just talk to you or listen. I love you so much.”


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