Is Courteney Cox courting a ‘Scream’ reunion with Neve Campbell?

Paramount Pictures

Two of the OGs of the Scream franchise could be back again if a Variety report pans out: The trade says Courteney Cox could reunite with Neve Campbell for her return to the movie series. 

As reported, Campbell told fans two weeks ago that she and her alter-ego Sidney Prescott would be back for a seventh movie after she sat out 2023’s Scream VI over a salary dispute.

The sixth film closed with Cox’s Gale Weathers clinging to life after a face-off with the Ghostface killer, telling Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega‘s Sam and Tara Carpenter to give Sidney a message that she didn’t let the killer get her. 

It now appears Gale can give that message to Sidney herself if this deal goes through — especially because the Carpenter sisters won’t appear in the seventh movie. As reported, Barerra was reportedly fired for comments the studio Spyglass deemed antisemitic, and Ortega dropped out soon after, blaming a scheduling conflict.


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