F. Murray Abraham offers “sincere and deeply felt apology” after ‘Mythic Quest’ dismissal

Apple TV+

Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham has publicly acknowledged his dismissal from the Apple TV+ workplace comedy Mythic Quest with a “sincere and deeply felt apology.”

As reported, Rolling Stone broke the news that the actor, who also appeared on HBO’s The White Lotus’ second season, was fired after complaints were made about his on-set behavior by his female co-stars.

In his statement, provided by his reps to ABC Audio, Abraham noted, “Though never my intention to offend anyone, I told jokes, nothing more, that upset some of my colleagues and as a result lost a great job with wonderful people. I have grown in my understanding from this experience, and I hope they will forgive me.”

In Mythic Quest, Abraham played one-time superstar sci-fi novelist C.W. Longbottom, who was a story writer on a multiplayer game — and who was described as “a walking cry for sensitivity training” by one of his much younger colleagues. 

He was abruptly written off the show in its most recent third season, with Longbottom revealing in an offscreen message that he’d chose to take his own life after receiving a terminal diagnosis.

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