Al Pacino, Dolph Lundgren seen in preview to Sly’s reality show ‘The Family Stallone’


“Who woulda thought: you on a show like this,” Sistine Stallone, one of Sylvester‘s three daughters, asks the Rocky star in a preview to their family reality show, The Family Stallone.

Indeed, the trailer opens introducing Sly as “one of the world’s biggest stars” and invites viewers “to see him as he’s never been seen before: As. A. Family man.” To that end, the big-screen tough guy is seen brushing his cat. “Really?” he asks.

The preview shows the show pivoting between Hollywoodland and family life — at one point, Oscar winner Al Pacino is seen hanging with Sly, along with Stallone’s Rocky IV nemesis Dolph Lundgren, with Pacino busting his friend’s chops, saying of the reality series’ cameras, “I feel as if I’ve just jumped into ‘Stallone World!'”

The show also stars Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin Stallone, and his other daughters, Sophia and Scarlet, as they navigate life with their famous family name. “I know we’re insane. I know we’re crazy, but we love each other so much,” Flavin Stallone gushes.

Sistine jokes of her dad, “It’s quite ironic that this is the last guy who wanted to do a reality show, but when he sees a camera, he’s like, ‘Am I in frame?'”

“That’s the truth,” Sly smiles.

The show starts streaming May 17 exclusively on Paramount+.

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