DC’s first big-screen Latino superhero takes flight in new ‘Blue Beetle’ trailer

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On Monday, Warner Bros. Pictures debuted an action-packed trailer to its upcoming DC Comics-based movie Blue Beetle — the first Latino-led superhero movie for the studio.

Cobra Kai‘s Xolo Maridueña [SHOW-low Mar-i-DWANE-ya] plays Jamie Reyes, an everyday teenager who finds himself the recipient of an alien scarab that gives him super abilities and an Iron Man-like exoskeleton. 

The trailer shows that his transition into a superhero takes some getting used to, however. “It’s some kind of world-destroying weapon,” he’s told. “It’s designed to protect its host — sometimes it does what you want, and some times it doesn’t.”

Susan Sarandon plays the villainess, Victoria Kord, who will stop at nothing to get the power back. “The scarab chose you, but it belongs to me,” she hisses. 

As we’re treated to shots of Blue Beetle in action, we hear George Lopez as his Uncle Rudy advising, “The universe has sent you a gift, but you have to figure out what you’re gonna do with it.”

Jamie later says of his new gear, “It’s like Batman stuff.” Lopez fires back, “Batman’s a fascist.”

The movie also stars What We Do in the Shadows‘ Harvey GuillénBelissa EscobedoBruna Marquezine and Mayans M.C.‘s Raoul Max Trujillo as one of the baddies, Carapax the Indestructible Man.

Blue Beetle is set to hit theaters on August 18.

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