Jamie Lee Curtis proudly displays her Oscar with that other ‘Everything Everywhere’ trophy


(NOTE CONTENT) Jamie Lee Curtis has been on a post-Oscars win high, posting all sorts of photos from and about last Sunday’s awards show, but one recent snap really should get the blue ribbon.

On Wednesday, Curtis posted a display of three trophies she won for Everything Everywhere All at Once: On the left, her Best Supporting Actress Academy Award; on the right, her shared cast Screen Actors Guild trophy for the film, and in the center, well, is a trophy that her IRS agent character, Diedre Beaubeirdre, earned in the film: “Auditor of the Month.”

However, it’s a cheeky nod, as that honor — which comes into play in a key scene in the film — is a sex toy, mounted as a trophy.

“OK I’LL STOP!” Curtis said, referencing all of her awards-related photos, calling the trophy triple-play, “The TOTALLY unexpected EVERYTHING TRIFECTA of 2023!”

Funnily enough, while plenty of her followers got the joke, many didn’t, apparently not having seen the award-magnet multiverse movie.

One asked, “Who designed the one in the middle?” Another queried, “I have so many questions.”

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