Those we lost, twice: Family, fans miffed at this year’s forgotten stars in Oscars’ In Memoriam segment


It’s nearly inevitable that in every awards show an in memoriam segment comes up short, and this year’s Oscars was no exception.

While the Motion Picture Academy explained a special QR code was shown that included some forgotten names, it wasn’t enough to salve hurt feelings.

Paul Sorvino was one of the greatest actors in cinematic history in Hollywood. It is unconscionable that he would be left out of the In Memoriam segment of the Oscars,” said the Goodfellas star’s widow, Dee Dee, in a lengthy statement obtained by ABC Audio.

Demanding an apology, she noted, “It’s a three-hour show, they can’t give a couple more minutes to get it right? Paul Sorvino gave decades to this industry and was loved by all.” She added, “A QR code is not acceptable.”

Sorvino’s Oscar-winning daughter, Mira, tweeted, “I for one am remembering Dad on this Oscars night” with a video of her embracing her father after her win in 1996.

She later added, “It is baffling beyond belief that my beloved father and many other amazing brilliant departed actors were left out.” She commented, “The Oscars forgot about Paul Sorvino, but the rest of us never will!!”

Other stars who were left out were Sorvino’s Goodfellas co-star — and Sopranos actor — Tony Sirico, Anne Heche, and actress and model Charlbi Dean, who was in the cast of the Best Picture nominee Triangle of Sadness.

Sirico died at 79 on July 8; Sorvino passed on July 25.

Heche died on August 11 aged 53 after a car accident; Dean, 32, died weeks later, also in August, after suffering from a rare infection.

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