Chris Evans and Ana de Armas get in on the action in trailer to romantic action movie ‘Ghosted’

Apple TV+

The Gray Man and Knives Out co-stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are literally back in action in the trailer to the Apple TV+ romantic action movie Ghosted.

The teaser showed a few action-packed moments from the romantic comedy, including snippets of playful banter, international adventure and some serious heroic stunts.

The plot follows Evans as Cole Riggan and de Armas as Sadie, who meet and share a brief romantic tryst before the mysterious Sadie goes radio silent and disappears.

In a “grand romantic gesture,” Evans’ character sets out to find answers about the girl of his dreams, only to get caught up in an international espionage ring. “You got me kidnapped and tortured all after one date!” the Marvel movie star exclaims after she frees him from a baddie apparently wielding a murder hornet as an interrogation tool.

From the producers behind Deadpool and the director of Rocketman, the PG-13-rated, meet-cute-turned-007-style action movie will be available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+ on April 21.

De Armas has another mission this weekend: attending the Oscars as a nominee for Blonde.

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