Road to the Oscars 2023: Jerry Bruckheimer reveals biggest obstacle of his career

George Evan Photo

Jerry Bruckheimer is on the Road to the Oscars.

The producer of Top Gun: Maverick and dozens of other films scored his first Oscar nomination with Maverick’s Best Picture nod. So how does it feel? He tells ABC Audio it feels great.

“You know, when you work, I’ve made over 50 movies. I’ve been doing this for over 50 years, my first nomination. So it’s really a thrill,” he shares. “And there’s so many people you want to work with who you haven’t had a chance to do it yet.”

As Bruckhemier mentions, he’s been in the field for decades, which means he’s come face-to-face with plenty of obstacles. To get to this moment, though, he says the biggest obstacle he overcame in his life was “just coming from Detroit.”

“You know, being from an immigrant family, both my parents came over from Germany, and I’m a first generation American, and my dad never made a lot of money,” he explains. “We’re just middle lower middle class. And the fact that I made it here, it’s a thrill.”

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