“Ghostface” sightings causing panic; reportedly part of viral marketing for ‘Scream VI’

Paramount Pictures

In what could be seen as a tone-deaf, considering the state of the country right now and high crime rates in various cites, costumers aping Scream‘s Ghostface killer have been popping up around the country, in what Variety reports is an attempt to promote the franchise’s sixth installment.

And as the trade reports, the sightings are causing not a few calls to 911.

Sonoma, California, New Orleans, and St. Louis, Missouri, are among the “killer’s” haunting grounds, according to the trade.

While Paramount Pictures is mum, the “real” Ghostface’s official Twitter account took note. It retweeted some of the appearances, saying “I’m watching you,” adding a hashtag for the film.

Viral marketing can be used to great effect for lower budget productions: As reported, during MLB Playoff and World Series games, actors were placed in prime positions to be caught on camera showing off creepy frozen smiles and shirts reading “Smile” — all part of a successful campaign to promote the hit horror movie of the same name.

That said, nobody had heard of Smile at the time, so it didn’t cause any panic. By contrast, most people know the Munch-like mask of Ghostface, so this guerrilla marketing might be seen as … overkill.

Scream VI, which stars Jenna Ortega, Hayden Panettiere, Melissa Barerra and Courteney Cox, opens in theaters March 10.

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