“It’s like if Santa Claus was a hitman”: Brian Cox readies “the long knives” in new ‘Succession’ trailer


HBO dropped the final trailer to the fourth, and officially final, season of its award-winning drama Succession

Emmy winner Brian Cox starts with his Logan Roy intoning, “Why does everyone keep asking how I feel? I got done a huge deal. I got the election. I got ATN. I’ve got plenty on my plate,” charting Roy’s recent corporate successes. 

He’s later seen “terrifyingly moseying” among his employees’ cubicles by a spying Greg (Nicholas Braun). “It’s like if Santa Claus was a hitman,” he tells Emmy winner Matthew Macfadyen‘s Tom.

As the Roy siblings plot to take dad down, Logan attempts to recruit Roman (Kieran Culkin). “I need you. I need a firebreather,” Roy says after warning, “there’s a Night of the Long Knives coming.” 

Logan then tells his children, “I love you. But you’re not serious people.” 

Sarah Snook‘s Shiv later says of her father, “He’s out of control.” 

“I want to kill the competition!” her dad screams at his employees. “I want to cut their throats! We’re pirates!” the corporate raider says to cheers of his name. 

The family fun begins March 26 on HBO Max. 

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